Today’s society, especially in western culture has become an infinite ad campaign promoting  a lifestyle built upon a false sense of never ending resource. By educating sustainability through branding, culture and fashion, we intend to slow things down a bit and reintroduce  “clean necessity” while maintaining a strong sense of style, function and progression.

Why is it so difficult to become simple?

In early 2010, we set sail to create an idea, a project, a brand that would place it’s social and environmental responsibility ahead of its product without sacrificing quality.  It is frustrating to watch our world’s resources deplete over and over again due to overconsumption.  Without change, depletion will be permanent.  The apparel industry can only be blamed to an extent, as society is the truly at fault.  We know this might be a bad business motto for us but how many pieces of clothing do you actually need?  This is why we will always produce small quantities to ensure that the production of each garment is not only only constructed of the upmost quality, but has been created with 1oo% ironclad sustainability.

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